Pratibha Public School has continued to build and extend its commitment to enhancing its facilities. The aim is to preserve the history and heritage of the school, maximize the use of space available in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion, and plan for new and refurbished facilities.
The school will have to provide the following facilities to the students for efficient functioning of the school:


Our motto is to provide comfortable hygienic and proper stay of a student in the School Hostel. We intend that the ward, who is studying in the best academic school, should stay in a healthy, caring environment with a progressive atmosphere. The hostel is open to students from class II onwards. It is centrally separate girls and boys’ hostel, and rooms housing 2 to 4 students with attached bathrooms. Trained and experienced teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for the students. The school counselor interacts with every student and is available for their psycological or biological problems, if any and inturn inform the Housemaster/Housemistress about the same. They care to share the daily needs by inspecting the rooms regularly, the availability of toileteries, the cleanliness of the rooms, the condition of the clothes, the diet and food taken by each student. Hostel residents are provided extra coaching and have a greater opportunity to develop all round skills.Special care is taken for the slow learners by having remedial classes.


The school owns a fleet of deluxe buses. All buses are fitted with the latest and most efficient communication facilities. In case of any delay or mishap, a message will be flashed to the school which informs the parents and sends a relief bus immediately.

Discovery Room

The discovery Room for primary classes 1-5 provides an opportunity to ascertain the principles of science through hands on activities and the use of audio visual material. A questioning scientific temperament is nurtured in each student.

Computer Lab

Computer learning has become an essential need for everyone. It is no more an option. At PPS we have a High-Tech computer lab with advance technology available with high speed Wi-Fi Internet connection.


Spacious library for student to study subject in peaceful ambience under supervision. And for revising syllabus again, in advance to lead in competitive environment.

Junior Block

School have junior block for Kindergarten students. They are learning about letters, shapes, colors and dance. Some children can even read! The kids are comforted by the "homey" feel of the classroom.


An architect's delight, the auditorium equipped with the latest technology is the school's pride. Its multipurpose usage for Assembly Functions, Parent Orientations, Lesson Enrichment and as a Lecture Room makes good utility of space for learning.

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